Remortgaging Edinburgh

Considering remortgaging? The trend of switching suppliers for a better deal is common nowadays. Multiple homeowners are remortgaging to get benefits from new products or rates. However, homeowners also consider remortgaging to raise money or to raise funds for property expansion. Some benefits of remortgaging are;

  • • To obtain a better interest rate
  • • Funds for property improvements
  • • Home extensions
  • • Equity release
  • • Alterations to their financial situation
  • • Pay off debt
  • • Their current fixed rate is coming to an end

Before remortgaging there are some things you should consider, in some cases when a mortgage is taken out of a properties’ value, lender charges tend to be higher.

If the term of your fixed rate expires your mortgage will go back to the lenders’ SVR or Standard Variable Rate. Now the SVR may become higher than any other lenders’ rate due to the larger variations among lenders.
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