Contract Workers Mortgages

Lothian Mortgage Services has dealt with a variety of contract workers over the years. Below is the list of some of the contract workers we deal with on a regular basis;

  • • Agency workers
  • • Zero hour contracts
  • • Umbrella companies
  • • Self employed
  • • Employed fixed contracts
  • • Short term contracts

A huge percentage of zero hour contract workers serve for hotel, catering companies along with health service providers.If you are self-employed, you will need at least 12 months’ work history to borrow money from lenders. Contract workers often face difficulties to get a mortgage from a high street lender for several reasons. No matter whatever the reasons are, Lothian Mortgage Services is always there to help you get the best mortgage rates.

Be sure to get the best mortgage advice at Lothian Mortgage Services. Whether you are a sole-trader or self-employed, we are happy to guide you throughout the process of getting the best mortgage for you.