Bad Credit Mortgages

At Lothian Mortgage Services you can get the best mortgage deals for you even if you have encountered any credit issues. We try and make it easier for you to get the most reliable low credit score advice, debt management plan, trusted deed, late payment, credit rating and delinquent payment advice. Here you can find an appropriate lender when you are going through poor credit issues.

Opting for a reputed mortgage service provider can save you from various credit issues you have encountered earlier. At Lothian Mortgage Services, we guarantee your security at the same time to help you obtain mortgages for those who have a bad credit rating in Edinburgh.

At Lothian Mortgage Services you can compare between different interest rates if you presently have a bad credit rating. You can contact any time to discuss your needs with our advisers. Additionally, we provide independent mortgage advice and debt management plan combined with trust deeds.